That's me in Sunset Cliffs, one of my favorite tracks in San Diego. I'm Mark and I built RemoteDash My Tracks so that I could document my family's travels for a lifetime.  There were products out there but none of them did quite what I wanted.   I wanted something open where I was assured I would have my tracks and photos safely saved forever, and at the same time  I wouldn't be locked into a platform, mobile phone application, or pricing. So I came up with My Tracks.

My Tracks is a free web application that accesses data from your Google Drive. The data are photos that you can take with a mobile phone or other camera and GPS tracks that you can log with most of the better mobile phone GPS tracking and logging applications.  A typical usage would be that you  turn your mobile phone app on at the start of your day and take pictures. At the end of the day you turn the app off and the tracking and photo data are either manually or automatically uploaded to your Google Drive. RemoteDash then automatically accesses this data from your Drive and displays and organizes it on a map in a way that helps you  document and relive your experiences.  I tried to make it easy and not complicated. I hope you find it that way.

If you have questions or ideas for improvement I'd love to hear them. Check out our FAQ which provides some more information about My Tracks. Thanks for checking the app out and safe and enjoyable tracks to you.